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  • Why are you called Empowerment?
    Empowerment: "the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights" While our classes are focused on fun, as you progress in training you will be pushed beyond anything you ever thought you were capable of! Classes give you an opportunity to appreciate your body for what it can do - instead of what you can't. Students learn to love and appreciate themselves and their classmates as we grow together throughout the program. Empowerment changes the way you look at yourself and others. Everyone gets something a little different from Empowerment, but this is the underlying theme we see happen over and over again.
  • Can men/non-binary/gender-fluid, etc. take Empowerment classes?
    Short answer - yes! Anyone who is 18 or older may participate in our program. Empowerment is all about confidence and strength, no matter who you are! If you are passionate about pole (or you just want to see what it's all about), we want to provide an inclusive environment for you. Classes are open to students of any background. If you are unsure or uncomfortable jumping into a group class, ask us about private lessons!
  • Do I need to be in shape to start taking Empowerment classe?
    Not at all! Our instructors are here to meet you where ever you are at in your fitness journey, even if that means you are just starting out. We are inclusive of all body types and abilities - if you have any specific concerns, let our staff know when you register so we can find the best plan for your individual needs. Pole fitness is a challenging full body workout, but anyone who is determined and dedicated can build up the strength and skill needed to perform even the most difficult moves!
  • How should I prepare for my class?
    You won't need to prepare much in order to jump in - mostly just a positive attitude and a willingness to try new things! Students should wear comfortable workout clothing - tank tops and shorts are recommended, shoes and socks are not needed. Please be sure to bring a bottle of water and have NO LOTION on the day of class.
  • Can I wear heels?
    Heels are most definitely a part of our program, and a super fun way to get into the mood! Our floorwork class and workshops use them frequently (check out the specific class information to see if heels will be used that day). However, for pole classes, please speak with your instructor before bringing heels. Safety is our number one priority and we prefer to establish a solid foundation of skills before introducing heels.
  • I've taken pole classes elsewhere. Can I skip Pole 1?
    To ensure student safety, we ask that all students begin in Pole 1 before advancing levels. Our instructors need to see your proficiencies in the skills needed to move up in our specific program - other studios may have different requirements for advancing levels. If you've done this before, it will probably be a quick turnaround! You are also welcome to ask us about private lessons, where an instructor can more efficiently see your personal abilities.
  • Help! What can I do to reduce hand sweat?
    Don't worry - you're not alone! We have a few recommended products depending on your level of need: Average sweating: DryHands Gripping Solution Excessive sweating: Carpe Hand Lotion Currently, we have DryHands available for purchase in our lobby at $15/2oz.
  • I'm ready to start tackling harder moves! How long does it take to advance levels?
    Each class has strength and skill milestones that students need to achieve before being moved up to the next level. The time needed to advance can vary from person to person. We encourage our studens to listen to their bodies in order to avoid injury and take their time when learning new pole skills.
  • What should I do if I need to miss a class? Do you offer make-ups?
    If you know ahead of time you will not be here for a class, send us an email or let your instructor know! We do offer make-ups based on availability - we may recommend you jump into a Floor class, Pole Taster, or one of our other Pole classes to make up for the missed class. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for missed classes.
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